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    March 2006
    Limited Edition of 1137 Copies
    140 Pages



    Anna McGarrigle / Daniel Sannwald

    Slava Mogutin / Luis Venegas

    Hajime Sorayama / Paul Schiek

    Jean Paul Goude / Damien Blottiere

    Terry Richardson by Casey Spooner

    Wolfgang Tillmans / Roxanne Lowit

    David Dunan / Chris Vidal

    Andrew Mania / David Urbano

    Nick Knight / Carlotta Manaigo

    William Shirley / Wim Wenders

    An issue about all the exciting things -good and bad- that make our hearts beat faster: the unknown and unexpected, amusement, fear, celebrities, sexual desire, personal triumph, the aesthetic emotion, rage, the hallucinatory, speed... and love in whatever shape or form.

    Anna McGarrigle
    Daniel Sannwald
    Nina Hagen by Juan-Darío
    Brian Kenny
    Benjamin Alexander Huseby
    Richard Prince
    Slava Mogutin
    Peter Parker
    Hajime Sorayama by Luis Venegas
    Paul Schiek
    Will McBride
    Jean Paul Goude
    Damien Blottière
    Marcelo Krasilcic
    Mick Jagger by Francesco Scavullo
    Walter Pfeiffer
    Javier Vallhonrat
    Terry Richardson by Casey Spooner
    Wolfgang Tillmans
    Roxanne Lowit
    Andreas Larsson
    Cecilia Dean by Gert Jonkers
    David Dunan
    Chris Vidal
    Richard Kern by José García Torres
    Andrew Mania
    David Urbano
    Gary Lee Boas
    Silvia Prada
    Christophe Brunnquell
    Nick Knight by Debbie Smith
    Carlotta Manaigo
    Anthony Goicolea
    William Shirley by Luis Venegas
    Wim Wenders